7 weird things cats are scared of

1) Water

Even though cats can swim, their attitude toward water is more "I'll only use this skill if I need to survive" than "Oh, that bathtub looks like fun." This study from the journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science Science shows one reason why: cats have more sensitive noses than dogs and people do. Cats need to be able to smell because it helps them figure out new places and helps them hunt.

2) Staring at them 

Don't bother staring at a cat the next time you want to. Even though cats can be very sassy, they are very self-conscious, and staring at them is thought to make them feel threatened. Even though it might be fun to stare down your cat, make sure you blink to show them you're not trying to hurt them.

3) Changes in routine 

Cats are creatures of habit, so be aware that if you change their routine or environment, it could make your cat nervous and scared. You might have moved their bed or given them some of the best cat food to try. This could be why your cat seems worried or spends a lot more time alone.

4) Loud noises 

The Cats on Broadway Veterinary Hospital says that cats can hear sounds about 1.6 octaves higher than humans and 1 octave higher than dogs. They can also hear loud sounds from far away, about four to five times farther away than people can. So don't be surprised if a noise you barely heard makes your kitten jump out of its fur.

5) Strangers 

People who really like dogs might be upset if your kitten doesn't run up to them and greet them with lots of kisses and a wagging tail. Cats are different because of who they are and how they were raised. Whether or not cats are friendly with strangers as adults depends on how well they were socialised as kittens.

6) Odors 

As we've already talked about, cats have very sharp senses and don't like the smell of a few things. Citrus fruits, which are very acidic, are said to smell bad to cats. Don't be surprised if your cat runs away the next time you peel a tangerine. Some herbs and plants, like lavender, marigolds, lemon thyme, and rue, can keep cats away. This is good news for your neighbours who have a green thumb and want to keep cats away from their plants.

 7) Mirrors

It turns out that cats are not too vain, and some of them will jump when they see themselves in a mirror. Cats can't see themselves in the mirror, so it makes sense that they might think they're looking at another cat. This can really throw them off because they won't be able to smell the usual scent of another cat. You don't have to get rid of all the mirrors in your home, but maybe move them away from where your cat likes to hang out.

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