Amazing Facts about six sense

Proprioception, or our sense of body awareness, is often considered the "sixth sense." 

It allows us to perceive the position & movement of our limbs without having to look at them. 

The human body contains specialized cells called proprioceptors that send information to our brain about the position & movement of our body. 

Some animals, such as sharks & bees, have a specialized sense called electroreception that allows them to detect electrical fields in their environment.

Scientists have discovered that humans also have some ability to detect weak electrical fields, although it is not as strong as in animals with specialized electroreceptive organs. 

Some people have a condition called synesthesia, where their senses become cross-wired & they can "see" sounds or "taste" colors.

Many blind people develop a heightened sense of hearing, touch, & smell to help them navigate and interact with the world.

Some researchers believe that humans may have a "magnetic sense" that allows us to detect the Earth's magnetic field, although this has not been conclusively proven.

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