Small dogs with big personalities. Bichon frises are eager to please and play. This makes them great family pets. Hypoallergenic bichons.

Bichon Frise

Similar to the bichon frise, the Bolognese is a companion dog who won't panic out when kids arrive home from school. They can also enjoy the quiet after dinner when everyone does homework. If your kids are loud or young, wait a few years.


Boston terriers love making new friends and visiting old ones. They train easy, need a lot of exercise, and are durable, making them good playmates for kids.

Boston Terrier

Border terriers are country dogs, therefore they love playing outside. They know when dinner is ready aka they are obedient and even tempered. These pups are affectionate.

Border Terrier

Parson Russell terriers are known to be happy-go-lucky. Let him play in the yard or beach with the kids. This dog is athletic, cute, and unexpectedly humble, like a '80s romcom jock.

Parson Russell Terrier

Want a little dog who follows directions, doesn't get excited, and wants to be your BFF? Biewer terrier? They resemble Yorkies but are less stubborn and happier. Biewer terriers don't tyre easily, which is helpful for kids.

Biewer Terrier

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are cool tiny dogs. These sweethearts adapt to your family's lifestyle (whether you throw neighbourhood parties or prefer board game nights). They're terrific therapy dogs, which says it all: love and comfort.

Cavalier King

Cocker spaniels have dark, loving eyes, which is why they're called "merry" and "gentle." These dogs love kids and long walks. They're delicate, so don't be too harsh with them.

Cocker Spaniel

Mischievous eyes and the capacity to learn tricks make Havanese seem foolish. They adapt well to different situations, but they'll be hurt if you merely let them exercise without joining them.


Maybe the Chihuahua gives little dogs a bad rap. They don't like roughhousing but dote on their favourite human. Train Chihuahuas early to observe house rules. They'll fit in afterward.