Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Chia seeds are little black & white seeds. These seeds come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica which is a member of the mint family. 

These seeds are small, but they sure are strong as per health benefits. These seeds are being served in various dishes also. 

Chia seeds have protein in rich quantity. 

These seeds contain all nine essential amino acids that are impossible to be made by our body. 

Chia Seeds provide a variety of endogenous amino acids. 

These are a type that helps in energy generation and immune function for the body. These seeds are a superb form of dietary fiber. 

Chia Seeds are a perfect source of antioxidants & polyphenols such as quercetin, rosmarinic acid myricetin, caffeic acid, & others. Chia seeds contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are capable of stopping heart diseases.

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