Do you Love someone?

Love is complex & derives from trust, comfort, & compatibility. 

But distinguishing love from a crush is tricky. 20 scientific indicators of falling in love. 

You're more than merely longing if you can have fun with someone even when things go wrong. 

If you can't laugh & play together, something may be wrong. Some love with presents, others with time. 

If you want to know more about your spouse & what makes them happy, your feelings are growing. Safety—emotionally, physically, & s*xually—is essential in a partnership. 

Knowing you can be yourself around your partner without fear or criticism is a sign of a serious relationship. 

A person who makes you uncomfortable is probably not "The One." Prioritizing & anticipating your partner's sentiments may subconsciously make you perceive them. 

As someone you can commit to. This doesn't imply you put their needs before yours—it implies you do nice things for them just because. 

That could be making the bed or getting a coffee for them. A loving partnership encourages each partner to reach their goals. 

If you're your partner's biggest fan & support them when things go wrong, you may be in love.

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