Way-mar-ann-er is the incorrect pronunciation.Proper pronunciation: vahy-muh-rah-nerThe vahy is closer to the standard German pronunciation, but "why-muh-rah-ner" also works.


Backwards: bur-meezCorrect pronunciation: bur-neezThink of the Bernese Alps of Switzerland instead of the Burmese pythons of Burma.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Pronunciation error: suh-moy-edProper pronunciation: sam-a-yedThe Samoyed Club of America claims that everyone, including you, me, and everyone we know, has been pronouncing it incorrectly.


Awkward pronunciation: pap-ill-onThe proper pronunciation is pap-ee-yawn.A butterfly is called a papillon in French.


Mispronunciation: dashhundCorrect spelling: dahks-undthey may enjoy dashing, but it's important to spell it correctly.


False: viz-sluhThe correct method is veesh-la.And I'm thinking, "veesh, these humans are still mispronouncing our breed?"


Mispronunciation: mal-a-mootThe correct pronunciation is mal-uh-mewt, which means "sound off."

Alaskan Malamute

Bad pronunciation: rock-wahy-ler.Proper pronunciation: rot-wahy-lerIf you really want to show respect for the dog's German heritage, you can even pronounce his name as rot-vahy-ler. No "K" in the name, though, so you're right about that.


Incorrect spelling: sh*ts-ewCorrect pronunciation: she-dzooDid you, like me, like saying this the wrong way as a kid?

Shih Tzu

An incorrect method: bich-on freezeCorrect pronunciation: bee-shawn free-zayThis is the name a posh dog might have.

Bichon Frise