Foods that are responsible for depression

Imagine swallowing 12 teaspoons of sugar. Coke can. "Refined sugars in sodas create blood sugar increases that may cause major mood swings & tiredness."


Three cans of cola a day elevated depression risk by 25% in a Journal of Affective Disorders study of almost 37,000 depression cases.


"Low-nutrient, highly processed meals, especially cured meats, sometimes heavy in nitrates & chemical additives that induce inflammation in both our body & brain,".

Bacon, deli, hotdogs

Minimizing white bread and rice. Refined grains lack fiber & nutrients. "These meals inflame gut microorganisms & hinder brain-gut communication. 

Refined Grains

Fast food rarely causes depression. Salt, saturated fats, processed carbs, & trans fats in fast food can cause anxiety & depression. 

Fast Food

Fast food eaters are 51% more likely to become depressed, according to Public Health Nutrition. "Daily fast-food diet merely permits the nasty gut microbe flourish, & inflammation,". 

Fast Food

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