Foods to avoid if u have cholesterol.

If you have high cholesterol, it's important to avoid or limit certain foods that can increase your cholesterol levels & put you at risk for heart disease.

Foods high in saturated and trans fats can increase your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Avoid or limit foods like butter, cheese & fried foods. 

Saturated & trans fats:

Full-fat dairy products like whole milk, cream, & cheese are high in saturated fats & can raise your cholesterol levels. You must choose fat-free dairy products or low-fat food instead.

High-fat dairy products:

Processed & packaged foods like cookies, cakes, & chips often contain high amounts of saturated & trans fats. opt for whole, fresh foods instead.

Processed & packaged foods:

Red meat like beef, pork, & lamb is high in saturated fat & can raise your cholesterol levels.

Red meat: 

Some types of shellfish like shrimp, crab, & lobster are high in cholesterol. If you enjoy these foods, limit your intake & opt for other sources of protein like fish, beans, & tofu.


Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, so if you have high cholesterol, it's best to limit your intake.

Egg yolks:

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