Good food manners 

Good food manners are important to practice, especially when dining in public or with others. 

 Here are some food manners tips to keep in mind.

Wait to be seated: If you are dining in a restaurant, wait to be seated by the host or hostess.

Napkin: Place your napkin on your lap as soon as you are seated. If you need to excuse yourself during the meal, place the napkin on your chair.

Utensils: Start with the utensils furthest from your plate & work your weigh-in with each course. 

Elbows: Keep your elbows off the table while you are eating. Chewing: Chewing your food with your mouth closed & avoid talking with food in your mouth. 

Cutlery: Once you have started eating, avoid placing your cutlery on the table. Instead, rest them on the plate or bowl.

Serving: When serving yourself from a shared dish, use the serving utensils provided rather than your own utensils.

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