KFC reintroduces "buzzworthy" menu items after nearly a decade. 

After nearly a decade, Kentaki Fried Chicken company will revive its Double Down sandwich, which literally utilizes fried chicken instead of bread. 

This will start on Monday 6 march. The sandwich doesn’t have bun that is why it is called bun less sandwich. It returns countrywide for four weeks. 

The Double Down has two slices of cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, & mayo or spicy sauce between two KFC Extra Crispy filets. 

Till now KFC has sold 10 million sandwiches in its first month in the year 2010. KFC reinstated it in April 2014. 

“The Double Down sandwich is one of the most buzzworthy fast food menu items ever. After over a decade of people screaming for returning of this sandwich, we're embracing the turmoil, bringing. 

Our world famous sandwich for four weeks.” Chick-fil- First plant-forward sandwich test: Material? The Cheese Chicken Sandwich & Bacon, constructed with an over loaded Crispy filet, bacon, cheese, pickles, and mayo, joins Double Down sandwich of KFC this month. 

KFC will sell both the sandwiches separately or may be in combo meals. There is not much time, only weeks after KFC removed strawberry lemonade, popcorn chicken, cookies, wings, Double Down has now returns for each and every person for taste.

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