Lifestyle changes to keep your kidney healthy

As it is known to all that kidneys are just like two bean-shaped organs, & in fact, each one is just about like the size of a fist. 

It is located at the bottom of our rib cage on either side of our spine. 

The kidney plays an important role in making our body clean by filtering the waste products that are generated automatically in our bodies. 

It also helps in maintaining blood PH, & electrolyte balance. Now comes how we can maintain our kidneys healthy. 

For this, we have to change some habits in our lifestyle. Here are these changes.

We should keep ourselves fit and active also. This can be done through regular exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, and last but not least dancing for 30 minutes. 

As we all know Hypertension is a vital cause of renal failure. It plays a very important role to control the blood pressure of our body by regularly monitoring & also by taking medications regularly suggested by the doctor.

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If you are regularly maintaining & keep on checking the sugar level of your body your kidney will be healthy. Your sugar level will be balanced if you take insulin.

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