Limit These Foods for High Cholesterol.

The American Heart Association says cholesterol is needed to grow cells, but too much can be harmful. 

Your liver makes the cholesterol you need, whereas animal-based diets supply excess cholesterol. 

"Although the quantity of cholesterol circulating in the blood is genetically set, diet's impact should not be overstated." says Abbott's Vascular Business cardiologist. 

The Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, & American College of Cardiology recommend the DASH diet to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol. 

Fatty meats & full-fat dairy are restricted in this heart-healthy diet. The DASH diet's benefits don't require strict adherence. 

Butter, which contains saturated fatty acids from animal & plant oils, can raise cholesterol, adds Gentile.


Cheese's protein, calcium, and saturated fatty acids make it a mainstay for many people. A fondue pot or cheeseboard should be an occasional pleasure, not a daily staple.


Delicious cookies, cakes, & cupcakes include a lot of butter, & shortening, which is high in saturated fat. A dietitian suggests increasing this surprising nutrient.


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