Loneliness can make us sick

Loneliness can make us sick, Here isolation & loneliness worsen polarization & health. 

Mental health professionals, community advocates, & healthcare providers warned about this issue.

The epidemic intensified social isolation and loneliness, not caused it. In 2018, the UK created a loneliness ministerial responsibility. 

Japan, where 40% are lonely, followed suit in 2021.Georgetown University history professor Ananya Chakravarti. Emotion historian Chakravarti studied loneliness in Indian devotional poetry. 

Poetry expresses deep pain. The devotee's spiritual universe expands without the adored. Thus, separation's sorrow intrigues. 

Chakravarti believes that loneliness is driven by lifestyles, not religion or art.She thinks we live in a more international society. “So many more ways to connect. Easy travel. SNS. 

Cultural production surrounding loneliness as a modern phenomenon suggests that actual sensations of loneliness are rising.”Modern loneliness is harmful.

Julianne Holt-Lunstad of Brigham Young University studied loneliness's health impacts.Aloneness can cause threat-related brain & physical reactions. 

Thus, we're hypervigilant to environmental threats & must tackle all our problems alone. Busy brains need more metabolism.”

Inflammation from stress causes cardiovascular disease & cognitive deterioration.Social isolation—the lack of meaningful social interactions—isn't solved by proximity. 

Support, trust, & belong.According to the World Health Organization, senior social isolation is a social factor of health.