Reasons behind failure of 2nd marriage

Why, then, doesn't repeated actions result in a more harmonious partnership? 

There are a greater number of factors to consider.

Wouldn't things be different for the better the second time around, after doing some introspection & having the advantage of greater experience & maturity? 

Second marriages come with their own unique set of difficulties, the most significant of which is the blending of two households' worth of financial obligations & families, as well as the ability to speak openly & frankly about either topic.

Following a brief first marriage that was filled with loads of love but also a lot of disagreements & no ability to resolve conflicts, the couple decided to remarry.

Certain individuals bear burdens.

If you lack the self-awareness & interpersonal skills necessary for a successful marriage, having good intentions & making vows that you mean at the time won't be enough to sustain the relationship over time.

When couples don't talk enough about their differences and disagree, they may stress out instead of seeing this as something they can work through,”

Disclose discrepancies

Work on self-awareness to comprehend the failure of a first marriage is partly your fault,”

Own your mistakes to avoid them.

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