Symptoms of a person that is mentally weak

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If anyone at your home or known to you that is afraid of changes then you can assume that he or she will be mentally ill. 

It is because these persons fear not accepting changes. They try to avoid it. 

Each & every mentally ill person will blame him or herself for their problems & also see themselves as the victim. 

They face difficulty if they take responsibility for their unpredictable actions. Anyone can easily convince them in a very easy manner. 

They cannot formulate their personal opinion & depends on others' opinion. They can’t express their struggle & emotions to come face to face with their emotions, impulsive behavior, & mood swings. 

They can easily feel discouraged. They have to face struggles to getting success. They always tend to focus more and more on their weaknesses as compared to their strength. 

Mentally weak people ruin their future & also their present by thinking about the negativity of their past. They are having lack confidence level as compared to a normal person.

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