The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Divorce


Aquarius is the least likely sign to get married in the first place because they are more independent. "This sign will be quick to leave any situation that makes them feel small and keeps them from being their most unique, individual self. They are most likely to cut ties because they want to be on their own.


At the heart of this sign is a sense of adventure. "Sagittarius doesn't like traditional committed relationships because they need to be free and open to change their minds, move countries, or book a one-way ticket with no plans to come back." This makes them more likely to want to try something new.


Pisces want to feel deeply connected to their partners, but they are also very sensitive and have a hard time dealing with conflict. If the relationship goes bad, "this sign will likely lean into their tendency to run away and leave the marriage," says the book.


Gemini is known as the "social butterfly" of the signs. That means they need to be stimulated and flexible all the time. When they're tired of it? They are moving on.


It's no secret that Aries are fiercely independent, which is great, but their passion can make relationships with them tense. "Aries needs someone who won't try to stop them from moving forward. That means that if an Aries isn't "feeling the fire" anymore, it won't be hard for them to find what's next.


Leos, who are fire signs, are independent and just want to have fun and be themselves. When things get "too serious, dim their light, or no longer make their lives more fun, they will leave. Leos, in a nutshell, like to shine.


Taureans are practical people, and this shows in the way they treat their partners. They can be stubborn, chill, and charming, but they are "looking for a relationship that can weather the storms of time." Even though they seem cold, "once they find a partner worth fighting for, they don't give up on them that easily." But if what they believe changes, they might have to go their separate ways.


Even though Scorpios are unpredictable, they have intense relationships with their partners. "Once they commit, there's an intense, all-in energy to the relationship. But once they are betrayed? There's no turning back, and they'll walk away in an instant.


Virgos are known for wanting to be perfect, both with themselves and with others. However, they are also very interested in their own growth and development. "Virgos will use their relationship as a way to heal emotional and mental wounds and to help them grow as people. This makes them more likely to work together to make things work.


Capricorns are hard workers in every aspect of their lives. They "will try everything before giving up on a relationship. They know that trust and respect are important for a relationship to last."


Cancer people are known for taking care of others. They want to feel at ease with their partner and are often willing to put other people's needs ahead of their own. Even though that isn't always a good thing, "Cancers are likely to stay in a relationship because they are loyal, no matter how happy they are or what they need.


Libras want balance and their number one goal is to keep the peace. In reality, they do better when they work together. Libras are careful about getting into serious relationships because of their practical air energy, but there's still something about them that makes them love a good cliche love story. This sign, more than any other, shows that they are more likely to stay together.

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