These Zodiac Signs Are the Worst Drivers


This water sign has also been given speeding tickets in the past, and they are the seventh most common type of ticket. Cosmopolitan says that Pisces are known for their compassion and kindness, which can be good qualities for a driver to have.


Aquariuses are just as reliable behind the wheel as Pisces. They don't drive too recklessly very often. Aquarians are independent, so it may be important for them to stay aware on a busy road.


Virgos aren't always perfect, at least not when it comes to driving. As the sign that a truck driver is most likely to have. This earth sign gets the second most speeding tickets out of all the signs.


People often think that a Gemini has two faces, but they just have a busy life. Geminis are the fourth sign with the most suspended licences and the third sign with the most speeding tickets. This busy schedule could make it hard for them to drive safely.


Scorpios and Geminis are both the same in this study. They are both passionate, loyal, and smart. But when it comes to how they drive, this water sign is making some bad choices. In fact, of all the other signs of the zodiac.


"the fairest way to solve any problem," because they hate "mess, chaos, disorder, and fights." So, it's not surprising that Insurify calls Libras "middle-of-the-road" drivers to emphasise that this sign doesn't make the insurance company think anything good or bad.


At number five, Sagittarians have a pretty bad track record of breaking traffic rules. Insurify found that, compared to all other signs, they have the third-highest number of speeding tickets and licences that have been taken away. Aside from driving dangerously, Sagittarians are free-spirited people who live on the edge and have a good attitude.


Cancers are known for being sensitive and protective of themselves, which isn't a bad thing, but they don't seem to have that gentle nature in a car. Not only did Cancers get the most speeding tickets and car accidents, but they also had the most licences that were suspended.

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