Too much walking could cause premature death 

According to new research, if you walk even only 11 minutes in very quick steps it could cause the risk of premature death by almost a quarter.

If you walk around 1,100 steps daily whether in the morning or evening walk then you could be safe from cancer & also from cardiovascular disease.

Study around the world on more than 30 million people around the is the largest number of itself.

The study revealses that if you do only 75 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, your chances to be died will 23 percent low.

It is much better to do some kind of physical activity as compare to doing nothing. This can also be a very good starting position.

One-in-five middle-aged persons are seriously very much physically inactive. Being too tired & also not having enough time are the reasons that are cited.

The University team pooled all the data from 196 already reviewed papers including 94 large cohorts. Rates of some of the specific cancers fell by atleast 26 percent.

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