Top 5 Hypocritical Zodiac Signs

Hypocrites preach one thing & do another, but everyone has some disingenuous inclinations, no matter how well they cover them.

Despite our best efforts, we all deceive, but some more than others. Which zodiac signs are the biggest hypocrites? 

Sagittarius is untrustworthy.

The most deceptive zodiac sign is Sagittarius. These indigenous often lie & contradict themselves. They will do anything to succeed. Yes. They're still hypocritical sometimes.

Despite their charm & easygoing nature, Geminis will backstab others to get ahead. Geminis will lie to obtain their goals.

Gemini Charms

Pisces aren't obvious hypocrites, but their lies become clear when you dig deeper. Pisces must lie to impress others.

Pisces acts kind

Libras appear nice & innocent, but they are deceptive. Libras want to please & be liked, so they change.

Libras manipulate.

When criticized, Virgos react protective and indignant. Virgo criticizes others yet refuses to own their own flaws.

Virgo is always the victim.

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