Why not bananas for breakfast

Bananas are a popular fruit worldwide. Bananas provide rapid energy & many nutrients that aid weight loss, digestion, & heart health.

Bananas are cheap & fill you up, so many people eat them for breakfast. A catch. 

Bananas are strong in carbs, natural sugars, potassium, and vitamins. The fruit boosts blood sugar & can produce a mid-morning collapse in type-2 diabetics.

Carbohydrate-rich breakfasts promote appetite & weight growth over time, according to several research. 

Bananas alone are not a good breakfast food, but adding other foods helps balance the carbs & sugar, according to health experts. 

Good fats & other macronutrients from other food groups can supplement the banana to boost energy & normalize blood sugar & acid levels. 

Adding a medium banana to a bowl of oats boosts digestion, fullness, & regularity with 3 grams of fiber. Healthy, high-fiber, high-carb foods like bananas with heart-healthy fats & protein may help regulate blood sugar & hunger. 

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