Your Diet Soda Is Making You Fat

It's hard to tell what will help you lose weight or hurt you, especially since the food and diet industries are so sneaky about getting you to spend your hard-earned money.

You just want to feel good about your body and put good things in it, but nothing feels real and everything feels like a product being sold to you.

It also seems like there are so many different ideas about food, diets, and how to work out. There's no one right way to do it, and it's hard to find good information about how to lose weight if you want to be specific about how you do it.

Also, you think that drinking soda can't be that bad for you, and you think that diet sodas are even better for you. They're marketed as being healthier than regular soda, and some even say they have no calories and less sugar.

What you aren't told, though, is what companies put in their diet sodas to make up for what they don't have that regular sodas do.

Bad news for bears: your diet soda is making you fat.

But a new study has found that diet sodas, you know, the ones you drink to LOSE weight, actually make you GAIN weight.

It turns out that the sweeteners used to make diet soda are the cause of belly fat gain. Low-calorie and no-calorie sweeteners tend to do their job too well. They sweeten the soda 200–600 times as much as sugar would. Even worse is that these sodas cause people to gain belly fat, which increases their risk of heart disease, inflammation, and Type 2 diabetes.

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